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Healing Hearts

Christian Foundation


Lawrence Truett Smith joined the United States Navy during WWII when he was 15 years old. He served in the Navy making several war patrols aboard the submarine USS Silversides. After his discharge from the Navy he returned to his hometown and completed high school. He then enrolled at Texas A&M University and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Education.

Truett valued education as evidenced through his actions and words. All four of his children knew they would be provided for until they achieved their college degrees. He and his wife Mary Beth sacrificed in order for their children to attend college. Truett and Mary Beth taught their children unconditional love through their actions and faith in Jesus Christ.

Healing Hearts Christian Foundation was established by Lawrence Truett Smith's grandson, David Truett Miller and wife Julie Miller.

The goals for the foundation are to:

  • Honor Christ

  • Help young people, willing to work for an education, succeed in this complicated world

  • Honor our family legacy

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funds to deserving area youth that have need of financial assistance and/or show an eagerness to achieve through knowledge by intending to pursue secondary education or a post-high school course of a study at a college or university.

Preference will be given to children of civil service professionals (law enforcement, fire department, educators, etc.) and military that have experienced hardship.

Application Process:

Applicant must submit the following items:

1. Completed application.

2. Letter of application containing brief explanation of career goals and biographical information.

3. Three (3) letters of recommendation from choice of high school teachers, administrators, counselors, employers, or individuals with significant knowledge of applicant's experience and involvement.

4. An official and recent high school and/or college transcript with cumulative grade point average (GPA) and a class standing.

5. Personal essay. The essay should answer the question of what you have done to earn this award and what the effect this award will have on your future.


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